Brian Finnerty 8/29/11
English 170W Prof. Zino

Barack Obama Interpretation

1) This picture shows our president, Barack Obama, in a distraught manner. He looks confused and worried in this picture.

2) There are many questions that need to be addressed from this picture. First off why does Barack Obama look upset and worried during when this picture was take. Could this picture been taken during the 2008 presidential campaign where stress would lead to someone to look like Obama does in this picture. Second, what does this picture represent and why was it important for this picture to be taken.

3) Some assumptions I am making about this picture of Barack Obama is that he looks very worried and stressed out. I conclude that this picture was probably taken during a stressful or heated moment during Obama’s presidential campaign against John McCain.

4) Many beliefs and worldviews underline my assumption that Barack Obama looks distraught and worn out in the picture that was taken of him. When under stressful times people tend to show their emotion through facial expressions. In this picture of Barack Obama his facial expression shows that he is tired and stressed out due to the responsibilities of a President.

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